Of Roots and Sandstone….. ឬសដើមឈើនៅប្រាសាទតាព្រហ្ម

Roots on the Ancient Temple of Ta Prom

Sounds almost like a band name. Probably a lame, wannabe indie band.

Anyway, Ta Prom never seems to get old (no pun intended). On this last trip, we got up before 5 to drink in the predawn light and experience the sunrise, as it individually transformed each stone it touched.

There was a nest of wild parrots in this tree, yelling their exotic calls, and monkeys and mynaas and other jungle creatures about, waiting for the late morning crowds to push them into silence.

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  • Kiwigypsy March 15, 2013 Reply

    Great photo. Did you get the effect with photomatix?

    • ethancrowley March 15, 2013 Reply

      Thanks man! Yeah, it’s actually a 9 photo panorama, tonemapped in Photomatix and stitched in Photoshop. Do you do HDR as well sometimes?

      • Kiwigypsy March 15, 2013 Reply

        Yes I have started playing with HDR. I am experimenting trying to get my images just on the edge of surreal without looking too altered. Its a fine line!

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