Siem Reap

Angkor from a helipcopter

Above Angkor

I’ve been privileged to enjoy a host of unique adventures and cool experiences while living in Cambodia. One item, however, has remained stubbornly on my bucket list—in all my years here, I had yet to see Angkor from the air. Invariably, every time I fly out of Siem Reap, my seat is on the wrong […]

Granny and granddaughter

A village photowalk

Note: This is a blog which I originally wrote for our company blog, at You can access the original article here. The open-air market is teeming with early-morning life. It’s a photographer’s paradise—vibrant colors, morning light and shadow, exotic foodstuffs, interesting people, as far as the eye can see. Fish swim circles in metal tubs, […]

Dugout Canoe

Paddling a Dugout Canoe – អំុ ទូក

He’s paddling with an old palm branch. Siem Reap, Cambodia. All of my images are Creative Commons, Non-Commercial… So feel free to use my images for your non-profit, on your blog, for fun and the like, but you must link to and give credit to Ethan Crowley.

Jayavaraman the seventh staring down through the years.

Face of an Ancient King- ជ័យវរ្ម័នទី៧

Dignified. Serene. Enigmatic. Powerful. His face is forever immortalized by hundreds of carvings, scattered throughout the temple, smiling down upon the passing centuries with a serene, meditative dignity. Bayon was built at the zenith of the Khmer Empire. It was built by Jayavaraman VII, who has possibly the coolest names of all time, and was […]

The ancient Angkorian King's promenade

The King’s Promenade at Angkor

An ancient, raised promenade for the Angkorian king, connecting the palace area to the king’s personal temple. This photo belies the actual size of the temple…. it’s huge! And tall. My wife and I snuck up at sunset, after having sorta gotten permission from the guard. It was quiet, deserted and breathtaking from the top, […]

Jammin in the Hammock at Beng Melea

Jammin’ in our ENO Hammock at Bung Melea – ដេច អង្រឹង នៅ ប្រាសាទ បឹង មាលា។

I submitted this image to ENO Hammocks again for their monthly photo conest. ENO makes the strongest, lightest, post portable hammocks in the world. I’m absolutely in love with mine! Here’s last month’s submission, which failed to win anything…. So we shot this at the ancient Cambodian temple ruin of Beng Melea. It’s out in […]



Day and night meet….fleeting, mysterious, undisturbed… dawn breaks at Angkor. Part of the breathtaking morning experience watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat, as the stars slipped away one by one as sun slowly unveiled the temple, as it had every morning for a thousand years

Dugout Canoe being paddled across the moat at Angkor.

A dugout canoe ride across Angkor Wat’s Moat! ជិះទូកនៅាង្គរវត្ត។

This last trip to Angkor, I noticed this boat in the moat that surrounds the ancient temple. Some workers were using it to repair the causeway. I struck up a conversation with them, and was able to talk my way into getting a free boat ride in the moat! A once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was surreal, […]

Roots on the Ancient Temple of Ta Prom

Of Roots and Sandstone….. ឬសដើមឈើនៅប្រាសាទតាព្រហ្ម

Sounds almost like a band name. Probably a lame, wannabe indie band. Anyway, Ta Prom never seems to get old (no pun intended). On this last trip, we got up before 5 to drink in the predawn light and experience the sunrise, as it individually transformed each stone it touched. There was a nest of […]