Life on Two Wheels

ferry across the sesan river

Rural Ferry, Cambodia Style

The easiest way to get across the river. 50 cents gets you and your motorcycle across. Just hope that no-one freaks out and causes the boat to capsize… that happens too. Ratanakiri, Cambodia. Please feel free to share my images—they are meant to be seen! Use them for your non-profit, on your blog, for fun […]

a cambodian itinerant seller of baskets, on a motorcycle

The Basket Man – Redux

I’ve done something similar to this before, a couple of times (this one from a very long time ago, before the days of DSLR’s; i shot this with a Canon IXY Digital point-and-shoot). These guys just never ceases to amaze me—with their work ethic, their packing ability, their capitalistic business acumen. And they must have […]

talking and riding; a moped driver in Phnom Penh, Camboja

Life on Two Wheels

I shot these photo just a couple minutes apart, I thought it was pretty funny. Cambodians can do almost anything on the back of a scooter, including nap; You often see moto-taxi drivers napping on their bikes while they wait for a customer. I’m continually adding photos to this “Life on Two Wheels” photo series. […]

View from a Tuk Tuk at a traffic light; Phnom Penh

Traffic Light Community

In Cambodia, waiting for a light to turn green is a social gathering. People jocky for position, inching forward to occupy every possible centimeter of the coveted real estate towards the front of the pack. The scooters weave their way forward, snaking between the less maneuverable cars and tuk-tuks. Those making a right turn just […]

Dry Season red dust on a road in Northeast Cambodia

Taken in Ratanakiri, Cambodia. Winding red-dirt road between the frontier town of Banlung, and the tiny, sleepy settlement of Taveng. This road is so dusty. After an hour on my little motorcycle, my face was red and my shirt had turned magenta. The worst is if you come up on a truck going just a […]

One of the ubiquitous scooters scurrying through the streets of any Southeast Asian City

Scoopy the Scooter

One of the ubiquitous scooters that scurry through the streets of any Southeast Asian City; the bane of any car-driver’s existence. Very retro-looking, kinda styled to look like a Piaggio or a Vespa. I think it’s kinda ugly. Please feel free to share my images—they are meant to be seen! Use them for your non-profit, […]

moto taxi driver on monivong ave, phnom penh

Streets of Phnom Penh

Moto-Taxi driver in Phnom Penh. His old green Honda Super Cub is probably from the Seventies. For $0.80, one can get nearly anywhere in Phnom Penh on the back of one of these, and can also be reminded of how good it is to be alive when you nearly get run over by a Lexus. […]

An expat in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, riding a German Zundapp Bella scooter.

Expat on a Vespa; International Phnom Penh — ភ្នំពេញ ជា ទី ក្រុង អន្ដរជាតិ

An expat in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I think she’s riding a Vespa Bella scooter. Phnom Penh is such an international city. Please share my images—they are meant to be seen! Use them for your non-profit, on your blog, for fun and the like, but you must link to and give credit to Ethan Crowley. […]

Basket Seller in Lompat, Cambodia on a Honda super cub

The Basket Man

Itinerant basket sellers; they ride all over Cambodia, from village to village, selling their wares. Their packing ability shows extraordinary resource and creativity—A westerner could never imagine getting even a sixteenth of that loaded…. Imagine spending all day on that moto seat…. serious pain! All of my images are Creative Commons, Non-Commercial… So feel free […]