I’ve found these people have broadened my horizons, both artistic and spiritual.

Images of Asia: John McDermott
John McDermott

John shoots with real old-school film cameras, on heat-sensitive infrared film. His images are gorgeous and poignant, leaving a lingering  sense of nostalgia and longing. They seem centuries old, as if discovered in some long-forgotten Asian temple.

Trey Ratcliff’s Stuck in Customs Travel Photography

Trey Ratcliffe

Trey sorta started the HDR photography trend. His images are rich and exotic, with perfect compositions and often very saturated colors. His post-processing skills are excellent, and I’ve learned a lot from his compositions. I think he’s a genius.


Tim Keller

Tim Keller
Tim Keller has incredible insights into God, Jesus, eternity, and the meaning of life. His podcast displays a Christianity that is relevant, alive, vibrant, and Biblical.

Strange to find a link to a Christian minister on a photoblog? Perhaps, but I don’t believe it’s possible to divorce one’s art from one’s theology.

John Piper
John Piper
I think Piper’s influenced me as much as anyone can. His core philosophy is simple: we humans exist to find happiness, we have an insatiable longing to be happy, to feel at home. The problem with humanity is not that we seek happiness, but that we look for in all the wrong places; marriage, vocation, love, sex, fun, friends, art, music, photography, all will leave us destitute. Only through filling ourselves with knowledge of our Creator, of Jesus Christ, can we be actually happy.


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