Monsoons over the Rice Paddy

Monsoons in the Low Country

I’ve spent lots of time in the South of Cambodia over the last few weeks. Life is so different down there compared to the rolling hills of Ratanakiri. Endless rice fields and sugar palms as far as the eye can see, big white cows with humps on their shoulders, haystacks, and stately old wooden houses […]

Red dirt road in Ratanakiri Province, Northeast Cambodia

Road To Nowhere – ផ្លូវ នៅ រតនកីរី

Another vintage post from 2009 This is a pretty typical scene from Ratanakiri, Cambodia. There are a lot of hills, a lot of jungle, and plenty of red clay. I shot this Sunday afternoon. I saw some really cool cloud banks building up, and set out on my dirt bike to find a couple of […]

Ethnic Minority Villager's House

My Inaugural Post

Time will tell if this photo blog will prove abiding. I notice how the Web seems to stink with the rotting carcasses of countless dead blogs, like so many Bartlebys, bygone testaments to authors’ imperfect resolve. Hopefully this one will prove more enduring. My goal is to upload a photo a day, with a brief […]