The Sesan river in the morning

reflection off the river in North Ratanakiri
reflection off the river in North Ratanakiri

The Sesan—a tributary to the Mekong—in the morning.

I’ve been uploading a lot of photos of the Sesan River recently, for no reason other than my job has taken me up there quite a bit. The Se San is way up in the Northeast Corner of Ratanakiri, near the Virachey National Park and the Dragon’s Tail (that’s what the remote upper Northeast corner of Cambodia is called—I guess it kinda looks like a dragon’s tail?). Last week I spent nearly the whole week up on the Se San.

Here’s a shot of the Sesan during the cool of the morning. I was supposed to meet a Kreung man, and snapped some pics while I was bored as I waited for him to show up.

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