My Inaugural Post

Ethnic Minority Villager's House

My Inaugural Post

Time will tell if this photo blog will prove abiding. I notice how the Web seems to stink with the rotting carcasses of countless dead blogs, like so many Bartlebys, bygone testaments to authors’ imperfect resolve.

Hopefully this one will prove more enduring. My goal is to upload a photo a day, with a brief description.

Most will center around life in Cambodia or Southeast Asia. Some my be from other travel and sights, perhaps in the Western world.

Here’s the first, a shot from my hometown of Ratanakiri, Cambodia. It’s actually from a couple years ago, from some rainy-season evening in 2009. It’s a villager’s field, cleared and ready for imminent planting.

I’m submitting this blog to the excellent Travel Blog aggregate website The Longest Way Home. Hopefully I’ll soon be featured there.

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  • Kevin March 13, 2013 Reply

    Brilliantly captured. Thank you.

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