The Basket Man – Redux

a cambodian itinerant seller of baskets, on a motorcycle
a cambodian itinerant seller of baskets, on a motorcycle

Can you imagine packing this?

I’ve done something similar to this before, a couple of times (this one from a very long time ago, before the days of DSLR’s; i shot this with a Canon IXY Digital point-and-shoot).

These guys just never ceases to amaze me—with their work ethic, their packing ability, their capitalistic business acumen. And they must have killed all the nerves in their butts long ago, to be able to sit in the same position for hours as they ride all over the country.

This particular entrepreneur was all the way in the upper Northeastern most corner of Cambodia, as far into the middle of nowhere as you can get, hundreds of miles from his home province. I watched him as he barely got up a steep hill, motor screaming, as he helped it along by pushing with his feet. Wow.

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