Gorgeous Tat Katamtok Waterfall – Bolaven Plateau, Laos – ទឹក ធ្លាក់ នៅ ប្រទេស ឡាវ

The highilght of the bolaven plateau - Tat Katamtok Waterfall

The highilght of the bolaven plateau - Tat Katamtok Waterfall

On the way back from Attapeu, we took this shortcut through a gap in the ginormous Bolevan plateau; the road snaked through the absolutely gorgeous valley, before we crawled up some of the steepest dirt roads I’ve ever been on.

Then right in the middle of a steep dirt curve, there was a little clearing and overlook. We could hear the quiet, powerful roar of the falls, an erie sound because of how remote and deserted the place was.

It was an incredible drive back to Pakse, one that I’d totally recommend as one of the highlights of South Laos. They were working on the road, so I’m guessing by the end of 2013 it’ll be paved.

You can get info on the route we took Here and here.

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