A dugout canoe ride across Angkor Wat’s Moat! ជិះទូកនៅាង្គរវត្ត។

Dugout Canoe being paddled across the moat at Angkor.

A dugout canoe ride across Angkor Wat's Moat!

This last trip to Angkor, I noticed this boat in the moat that surrounds the ancient temple. Some workers were using it to repair the causeway.

I struck up a conversation with them, and was able to talk my way into getting a free boat ride in the moat! A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It was surreal, gliding silently across the moat, with thousand-year-old Hindu temples as a backdrop.

a ride across Angkor Wat's moat

a ride across Angkor Wat’s moat

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