Old tree, ancient stone – ដើម​ ឈើ ចាស់, ថ្ម បុរាណ។

Wat Phu near pakse

Wat Phu near pakse

On a work trip to Laos last month, Emily and I took a morning to go see Wat Phu. Wat Phu’s an ancient temple on the banks of the Mekong in Laos.

The temple’s pretty cool. It’s partway up a mountain, right at the base of some huge stone cliffs. And the whole thing has fantastic views of the Mekong snaking through the valley below.

I especially liked the way this cool, gnarled old tree looked, sending its roots snaking through the rocks in search of earth. Anywhere else, that tree would look super old; but somehow juxtaposed with the 1000-year-old stone, it seems like a veritable spring chicken.

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  • Travvel Sized July 17, 2013 Reply

    Awesome photo! The tree looks stunning!!

    • ethancrowley July 17, 2013 Reply

      thanks! Someday I’m going to have a tree like that in my yard….. :)

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