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highland minority man smokes a pipe

Organic pipe tobacco

I chatted idly with this older gentleman while were waiting at the hospital to transport a patient back home, his pipe dangling laconically from his mouth. Every year, he told me, he plants a few tobacco plants at his dryland rice farm, to supply him for the year. “It’s much cheaper than buying tobacco from […]

indigenous minority Kreung man in Ratanakiri province, cambodia

អ៊ុំ ជន ជាតិ ក្រឹង

It’s been over a week since I posted last (so much for being a daily photoblog). So our DSL internet kept having problems; it would load all websites except WordPress, Twitter, Soundcloud, and a few others. There was some problem with the DNS servers, for you brainy people who know about such things. I finally […]