Camping on the Sesan

Sun setting behind the mountains of the sesan river
Sun setting behind the mountains of the sesan river

Gorgeous sunset in Taveng, Ratanakiri.

I finally indulged my dream of camping on the beach a couple weeks ago.

We were waaaay out in the middle of nowhere, miles downriver from Taveng (which is already just an outpost in the middle nowhere), just a few miles south of the National park.

We drove out onto the beach in the 4-Runner and set up camp——built a fire, went swimming, listened to music, attempted (and failed) to set up a hammock. We grilled meat and cooked supper over the fire. The beach was deserted and quiet, with an occasional villager crossing the river in a dugout canoe.

We planned to do it again this week with my family, but by now the river had risen from the beginnings of rainy season, and we wouldn’t be able to drive out on to the beach…. and that’s half the fun. So it was a no go.

The sunset was gorgeous, though.

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  • Gorgeous shot! We would love to share this image with a link back, but would need for you to send it to us as a submission. Please email and let me know if you are a match for our gallery and would like for us to feature you and your photography!!

    • ethancrowley May 25, 2013 Reply

      Thanks for the invite! I’ll shoot you an email then…..

      You website is awesome, btw…

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