Readying fields to plant.

Montanyard Krung farm slash and burn for planting dryland rice.

Ethnic Krung farm being readied for planting in Ratanakiri Province.

I shot this on Monday, on a trip North to Taveng to meet some villagers.

Dry season is winding down here. We’ve had a few early rainstorms, harbingers of the coming monsoons; though tantalizingly short, they have cooled the air and brought blue skies back from the white haze of dry season.

This time of year can be so beautiful. The rains radically transform the landscape from desert to lush green. The colors are so bright and intense and tropical, and there’s excitement in the air. Farmers are burning their fields, readying them to plant next month, repairing fences and clearing shrubs. The New Year is upon us.

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