hilltribe farm in northeast Cambodia

the winding road

The thatched hut of an ethnic minority farmer clings to the hillside of a cassava farm. This is Northeast Cambodia as it is today: the wild allure of virgin forrest replaced by a beauty more uniform, more cultivated, more agrarian.

Brao man on the banks of the Sesan in Ratanakiri, Cambodia

On the banks of the Sesan River – អង្គុយ​ លេង​ នៅ​ ទន្លេ​ សេសាន

The gorgeous Sesan river in Ratanakiri, Northeast Cambodia. If the planned Lower Sesan 3 and 4 dams are approved by the government (and financed by a Chinese or Vietnamese company), all of this will be under water someday; the Brao people, who’ve lived here for thousands of years, will be see their ancestral lands disappear. […]

Sandals, Etc – ‘បែច ជើង

Can you imagine the barbarism of walking into a house (or in this case, a church building) with your shoes on? When it’s my turn to discard my flip flops and climb the stairs, I always try to stick my shoes off to the side, or kind of hide them under the steps of the […]

Old indigenous minority lady preparing betel nut to be chewed.

Gauges and Betel Nut

She had gauges before gauges were cool…. It’s funny how gauges are cool in the States in certain subcultures. Here among the Tampuan, Kreung and Jarai hilltribes, they’re popular among the senior citizen crowd. No indigenous teenager in their right mind would get gauges; that’s would be the American equivalent of wearing pleated, cuffed blue […]