Independance Monument at Night

Vintage Post: Independence Monument – Phnom Penh, Cambodia: វិមានឯករាជ្យនៅពេលយប់។

I’m going to start adding some of my classic Flickr posts from a few years ago. Here’s one of my more popular posts from 2009…. “Last night when I was walking through the gardens near the Phnom Penh shoreline, I was struck with the way the lights played on the Independence Monument. I had brought […]

Old Bonsai-style tree at Angkor Wat

The Jungle-Enshrouded Temple

I thought this tree’s shape was very interesting, as I peered through it at Angkor Wat. I love old, spreading trees. I nearly had to fight off a couple dozen monkeys, but I guess the fact that I didn’t have food to offer them pushed them away into the trees.

Ethnic Minority Villager's House

My Inaugural Post

Time will tell if this photo blog will prove abiding. I notice how the Web seems to stink with the rotting carcasses of countless dead blogs, like so many Bartlebys, bygone testaments to authors’ imperfect resolve. Hopefully this one will prove more enduring. My goal is to upload a photo a day, with a brief […]