Transition between rainy and dry season in cambodia

Transition to Rain

Taken in Ratanakiri, Cambodia. Cambodian sky between the seasons is always gorgeous. Something about the early summer heat causes some amazing weather patterns. Every day one experiences some new amazing sky, thunderstorm, or incredibly shaped cloud. It’s like art. 9 image panorama. Please feel free to share my images—they are meant to be seen! Use […]

cambodian weather patterns

April Clouds in Ratanakiri; Time Lapse Video — វីដេអូ ភ្លៀង ព្យះ នោ ខេត្ត រតនគីរី

I thought I’d post a quick video of some time lapse footage I’ve shot over the last week or so. The sky here the last couple weeks has been incredible. April and May in Cambodia has always shown some amazing weather patterns. The kind of thunderstorm that would be all over the news in the […]

evening clouds in Banlung

Welcoming in the New Year — ចូល ឆ្នាំ ខ្មែរ

The sky yesterday was gorgeous. I went out to attempt some cloudscapes and timelapse for the film I’m working on, and ended up shooting some still photos instead. People were taking their evening walks around the lake, and setting up picnics on matts to celebrate the coming year. It was a gorgeous beginning to the […]