smoking homegrown pipe tobacco

តា​ ជក់ ខ្សៀ មួយ

Whew, it’s been a week since the last upload! I have the dual problems of spotty Cambodia internet (out for 4 days) and a job that’s kicked into high gear over the last week. I haven’t even had time to process photos from my time in Laos a couple weeks ago. Soon, hopefully. Anyway, here’s […]

Hilltribe Brao woman weaving a sleeping mat by hand

Mat Weaving – ត្បាញ កន្ទេល នៅ រតនគីរី

Ethnic Brao woman weaving a matt out of palm fronds. Shot in Ratanakiri, Northeast Cambodia. Please feel free to share my images—they are meant to be seen! Use them for your non-profit, on your blog, for fun and the like, but please link to and give credit to Ethan Crowley. All of my images […]

a cambodian itinerant seller of baskets, on a motorcycle

The Basket Man – Redux

I’ve done something similar to this before, a couple of times (this one from a very long time ago, before the days of DSLR’s; i shot this with a Canon IXY Digital point-and-shoot). These guys just never ceases to amaze me—with their work ethic, their packing ability, their capitalistic business acumen. And they must have […]

taking apart an engine by the side of the road in ratanakiri.

What Roadside Assistance?

s This is what you do if you blow an engine in the middle of nowhere. I asked the owner if he had ever taken an engine apart before. “No, I’m learning by doing.” (loose translation) Pretty sure I’d call AAA. Cambodians are the ultimate in resource and creativity. Please feel free to share my […]

An indigenous Brao highlander throwing a net.

Taken on the Se San river in Northeast Cambodia. He stands on the bow of the dugout, keeping a sharp lookout for fish just under the surface of the water. Then he casts his net to try his luck. So originally there was a hydroelectric dam slated to be built upstream, which would have displaced […]

Old indigenous minority lady preparing betel nut to be chewed.

Gauges and Betel Nut

She had gauges before gauges were cool…. It’s funny how gauges are cool in the States in certain subcultures. Here among the Tampuan, Kreung and Jarai hilltribes, they’re popular among the senior citizen crowd. No indigenous teenager in their right mind would get gauges; that’s would be the American equivalent of wearing pleated, cuffed blue […]

Hilltribe farm prepared for planting dryland rice

Slash & Burn Farming – Panorama កាប់ ចំការ ដាំ ស្រូវ

I shot this last week out in the highlands in Northeast Cambodia. The ethnic minority hilltribes are all prepping their fields to prepare for planting their dryland rice next month. It’s pretty cool to watch: they clear an acre or two of the forrest (by hand!), then burn the brush and fallen trees to return […]

Kreung boy on swinging rope bridge

Rope Bridge across a village stream….

Last week I was working out in Taveng, a little village on a pretty big river tributary to the Mekong. This handmade suspension bridge hangs over a creek, connecting the two parts of the village. This kid was riding on the back of his friend’s bike, and hopped off for an impromptu pose for my […]

A market vendor in Ratanakiri province, shooing away the flies with plastic bag.

Keeping away the flies…

A vendor in the local market in Banlung, shooing the flies off her wares. All of my images are Creative Commons, Non-Commercial… So feel free to use my images for your non-profit, on your blog, for fun and the like, but you must link to and give credit to Ethan Crowley.