hilltribe farm in northeast Cambodia

the winding road

The thatched hut of an ethnic minority farmer clings to the hillside of a cassava farm. This is Northeast Cambodia as it is today: the wild allure of virgin forrest replaced by a beauty more uniform, more cultivated, more agrarian.

Tribal Farm House in Cambodia

Farm House

I love the April sky in Cambodia; it’s always full of gorgeous puffy white clouds. Beautiful. Every Highlander has two houses, one in the village and one at the farm. The farm one is usually a little more than a lean-to, like this one above. During busy planting or harvesting times everyone lives out at […]

Red cashew fruit from an orchard in northeast cambodia

Cashews – ស្វាយ ចន្ទី នៅ រតនគីរី

Cashew fruit in Ratanakiri, Cambodia. The fruit tastes pretty astringent. I remember liking it and eating it often as a kid, but now that my tast buds have developed, I’m not a big fan. The actual cashew is that seed that’s hanging down below the fruit. In a way, cashews have transformed the lives of […]