Street Performer – Cape Town, S. Africa

Street performer - percussionist
Street performer - percussionist

Drummer in Cape Town

Cape Town just might be the coolest city in the world. Travel writers always describe cities as ‘vibrant,’ but in this case I think Cape Town defines the term.

Because of the city’s location, Dutch & English ships have doubled the cape for hundreds of years, bringing with it European culture and food, and also Asian culture and food when they were one their way back to Europe.

I think it’s definitely the amalgamation of three cultures—African, Asian, and European—which have made Cape Town so cool.

Down on the historic waterfront are loads of cool street performers, doing magic, soccer tricks, and more. In between helpings of fresh fish’n’chips (so fresh, the fish would have been in the bay just hours before), you can simply walk and absorb the beauty and ‘vibrance’ (there I go using that word again) of Cape Town.

This band was cool in every way. The guys just had a way about them, from their music, to their style, to the way the carried themselves. I could have stayed and listened to them all day…

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