Looking off towards India

panorama from phuket lookout

panorama from phuket lookout

About 15 minutes past our hotel in Phuket, up a winding road, was this cool lookout point. Somebody built a pavilion up there, and you could sit and soak up the views in the shade. And you could talk to the two Thai rasta hippies who live there and sell homemade bracelets for a living. They looked pretty cool, so I snuck a photo of one of them. I’ll try to post it later if I can find it.

Our hotel was right off that first little beach there. It was a cute, quieter part of Phuket, away from the commercialized weirdness of the North of the island.

It was kind of erie to think of the tsunami a few years ago, and imagine what it was like for people to watch from up here while a massive wave hit the beach. What a freaky experience that would have been.

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