Rope Bridge across a village stream….

Kreung boy on swinging rope bridge
Swinging rope suspension bridge in Ratankiri, Cambodia

Emily hangin’ on the swinging bridge

Kreung boy on swinging rope bridge

Indigenous kid crossing the stream with his friend.

Last week I was working out in Taveng, a little village on a pretty big river tributary to the Mekong. This handmade suspension bridge hangs over a creek, connecting the two parts of the village.

This kid was riding on the back of his friend’s bike, and hopped off for an impromptu pose for my camera.

A wood and concrete bridge is under construction upstream, which means for the first time in history, cars and trucks will have year round access to the that part of Ratanakiri. It’ll be a ton of change, overnight. Goods will flow cheaply where they could never go before, and one more corner of rural Southeast Asia will be less remote.

But for now, this jungle bridge is pretty cool.

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