Our morning run…. ហាត់ ប្រាន នៅ បឹង ួយា់កឡោម ពេល ព្រឹក។

Yeak Loum Crater lake in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia.

Our morning run.... ហាត់ ប្រាន នៅ បឹង ួយា់កឡោម ពេល ព្រឹក។

One of the perks about living in Ratanakiri, Cambodia: Saturday morning trail runs at Yakloum, our crater lake.

Early in the morning, the lake is deserted and hushed; with only the sounds of wild parrots, mynahs, and the occasional monkey swinging from the trees. The morning air is crisp, and the trail is cool as it follows the shore, occasionally weaving through bamboo groves and over small brooks.

It’s a little slice of God’s paradise on earth.

Visiting Ratanakiri? Find a up-to-date map of Banlung here, along with annotations and recommendations….

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