The King’s Promenade at Angkor

The ancient Angkorian King's promenade

The King's Promenade at Angkor

An ancient, raised promenade for the Angkorian king, connecting the palace area to the king’s personal temple.

This photo belies the actual size of the temple…. it’s huge! And tall. My wife and I snuck up at sunset, after having sorta gotten permission from the guard. It was quiet, deserted and breathtaking from the top, watching the sun set below the treeline.

Here’s the original, pre-processed image (click to view it large!)
Color version of the King's Promenade

I can’t decide which I like better. I like the mysterious, aged Indochinese look that the processed one has…. but then I like the colorful sunset in the original.

Any thoughts? Which do you like better? I’d love for some feedback.

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  • Jonathan Buttram March 21, 2013 Reply

    I love seeing the pictures you’ve posted! They make me want to come see all that for myself.
    I think I like the original a little better because of the sunset, but they both are really cool.

    • ethancrowley March 22, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Jon, good to hear from you! You should seriously come visit! You’d probably really enjoy it here.

  • JD Crowley March 21, 2013 Reply

    I’d like the processed if the sky were not washed out. Can u HDR it?

    • ethancrowley March 22, 2013 Reply

      I should’ve noticed that…. thanks for ruining it for me :) lol

  • April 1, 2013 Reply

    […] I have a photo of this same temple, at a different time, angle, and treatment here. […]

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