Jammin’ in our ENO Hammock at Bung Melea – ដេច អង្រឹង នៅ ប្រាសាទ បឹង មាលា។

Jammin in the Hammock at Beng Melea


I submitted this image to ENO Hammocks again for their monthly photo conest. ENO makes the strongest, lightest, post portable hammocks in the world. I’m absolutely in love with mine!

Here’s last month’s submission, which failed to win anything…. :)

So we shot this at the ancient Cambodian temple ruin of Beng Melea. It’s out in the middle of nowhere, hushed, mysterious, with few discernable signs of life, save flocks of wild parrots and the occasional Chinese New Year tour (Like I said in an earlier post, never visit Angkor during Chinese New Year).

Beng Melea was as cool as it comes. There were dangerous piles of crumbling rock to clamber up on, deserted, mysterious pitch-black passageways, and silent, majestic hidden courtyards. Jungle roots were every where.

Visiting Beng Melea makes one feel like an explorer. It also made me feel like I was in a movie, like the Jungle Book, or maybe of Tomb Raider or Apocolypse Now.

My wife and I strung up our double nest ENO and wiled away the afternoon lazily. Wonderful.

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